AnP MARINE is specialized on

  • Class Statutory surveys and Flag State inspections
  • Shipping Finance Brokerage
  • Ship Sale & Purchase Brokerage

AnP MARINE is the Representative of Panama based Classification Societies in Turkey. Panama Classification Societies are authorized to issue classification certificate, and statutory certificates of Panama, Belize, Jamaica, Moldova, Honduras, Ecuador, Bolivia, Palau, Cambodia, Togo, Vanuatu, Sierra Leone, Paraguay, Tanzania flag states. AnP MARINE is authorized by Panama Maritime Authority to carry out Annual Safety Inspections (PANAMA ASI) and assist to owners on company establishment and registration of the ship in Panama.

AnP MARINE is Representative of Ukraine based Classification Society; Shippng Register of Ukraine (SRU) in Turkey. SRU is fully authorized to issue statutory certificates on behalf of Georgia, Comoros, Moldovia, Mongolia and Ukraine Maritime Administrations and case-by-case basis authorized by Cambodia, Sierra-Leone, Dominica Maritime Administrations. AnP Marine authorized for issuing Statutory certificates on behalf of this flag administrations.

AnP MARINE is Non-Exclusive Representative of Sinapore based Classification Society; International Ship Classification (ISClass) in Turkey. ISClass authorized to issue statutory certificates of Tuvalu and Kribati. AnP Marine authorized for issuing Statutory certificates on behalf of this flag administrations.

AnP MARINE is Marketing agency of Croatia based IACS Member Classification Society; Croatia Register of Shipping (CRS) in Turkey. CRS is authorized to issue statutory certificates on behalf of St.Vincent, Honduras, Comoros, Seychelles and Croatia Maritime Administrations. Croatian Register of Shipping applied to Panama, Maltese and Marshall Island Maritime Administrations to issue statutory certificates on their behalf and it is expected to get positive results soon.

AnP MARINE is Registration Officer of Sierra Leone Maritime Administration in Turkey and authorized to issue all registration documents from Istanbul Office.

AnP MARINE assists to owners for registration of their ships under Panama, Belize, Jamaica, Tuvalu, St. Vincent & G., Dominica, Honduras, Bolivia, Cambodia, Georgia, Comoros, Moldova, St.Kitts & Nevis, Sierra Leone, Mongolia, Togo, Kribati, Seychelles, Ecuador, Palau, Tanzania, Paraguay flags with reliability.

AnP MARINE provides finance to the ship owners for second hand and new building ships from European, American Banks and Financial Institutions . AnP MARINE works exclusively with OSI Group in London and Manhattan Group in Newyork in addition to Veritas Group in Greece which has placed Billions in Ship Finance and Equity Worldwide over the Years.

AnP MARINE Specialized on ship sale & purchase brokerage with all types of second hand ships and new building ship from dynamic China market.