Shipping Register of Ukraine (SRU)

Classification Society "The Shipping Register of Ukraine" is a state enterprise in the field of sea and river transport, basic activities of which are connected with ensuring of shipping safety. Head Office of the Shipping Register of Ukraine is situated in Kyiv, Ukraine.

The Shipping Register of Ukraine has developed and keeps updated the own standard technical documentation, has wide branching network, highly qualified surveyors, develops cooperation with classification societies and other organizations of Ukraine and international maritime society in order to ensure safety of shipping.

The internal Quality Management System certified on accordance to the requirements of the ДСТУ ISO 9001 and accreditation of the company as a inspection body on compliance with requirements of the EN ISO/IEC 17020 are the guaranty of stability of services provided by the Shipping Register of Ukraine.

The Shipping Register of Ukraine, SRU is fully authorized to issue statutory certificates on behalf of Georgia, Comoros, Moldovia, Mongolia and Ukraine Maritime Administrations and case-by-case basis authorized by Cambodia, Sierra-Leone, Dominica Maritime Administrations.

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