CROATIAN REGISTER OF SHIPPING (CRS) is an independent, not for profit but common welfare oriented, public foundation dedicated to the safeguarding of life and property at sea, the prevention of pollution of the marine environment, and to the certification of quality management systems and performing;

  • Classification of ships;
  • Statutory certification of ships on behalf of the national Maritime Administrations;
  • Statutory certification of Marine Equipment;
  • Statutory certification of recreational crafts;
  • Certification / registration of quality management systems.

Croatian Register of Shipping is authorized by St.Vincent, Honduras, Comoros , Seychelles Marshall Islands , Bahama, Liberia and Crotian flags.

Croatian Register of Shipping applied to Panama, Maltese and Marshall Island Maritime Administrations to issue statutory certificates on their behalf and it is expected to get positive results soon.

You may visit web site of Croatian Register of Shipping by clicking here.